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Lock Snapping

The standard euro cylinder lock which secures the vast
majority of homes in the UK and Ireland have a major
weakness, this can allow a burglar to gain quick and quiet
access within 15 seconds
This weakness has been known by Locksmiths,
door manufacturers and the police for many years.
A prominent locksmith went public in the newspapers in
2006, as did a West Yorkshire Police Inspector in 2009, due
to the rising occurence of burglars using this technique
“Lock Snapping” has become the preferred method of
attack against many homes. Recent BBC and ITV reports
have highlighted significant increases in this method.
Police Crime statistics indicating it is used in
over 30% of burglaries in some areas

The euro cylinder was designed to make it easy to change
a lock in a multipoint door lock. Multipoint door locks
became the standard with the rise of the double glazing
market. Due to the design, a weak point exists at the fixing
point of normal euro cylinders
The principle of “Lock Snapping” is simple - apply enough
force to the cylinder and it will break at the weakest point.
Once broken the burglar has access to the internal
workings of the multipoint lock and within a
few seconds can open the door.

Protection against lock snapping is possible.
However there are many products on the market that
whilst being sold as “anti snap” or “snap resistant” in reality
they offer very little or no resistance against attack
For example, many locks that only have sacrificial cuts still
break in the centre when force is applied
The cylinder range we use incorporates a unique steel bar
offering far greater resistance
Incorrect selection of product and / or poor fitting
can seriously compromise the security of your
door, many kitemarked locks offer no protection
against lock snapping
Steel cores offer real resistance against attack
We can advise on the best type of lock for
your individual situation and also advise you
if security devices are needed in other vulnerbale
areas such as patio doors, etc.


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